Following My Heart

Love of my Life (not the mule or horse)
free live sexcams In 1993 my life took a new direction following my heart, trusting and feeling into not just what my mind believed, but more what my soul was telling me.  I know we have all experienced intuitive thoughts and feelings in life, some we listen to while too many we ignore.  At this stage of [...]
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Sedona, Arizona in March

Join me and a group of amazing conscious spiritual deliberators as we venture into Sedona, Arizona in March on a spiritual retreat.  March 05 to 12, 2015 to be exact I will be facilitating a small group who are enthusiastic and heart-centered individuals.  The vision began late September when a local group of law [...]
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In The Vortex

Pink rose
As I was getting ‘In The Vortex’ this morning listening to a meditation and I felt such a rush of gratitude flow through me.  I have recently been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’ and feel so aligned with his message.  I am not typically interested in the science [...]
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I Am Happy

I am happy!  Maybe I’m not happy ALL the time.  Maybe I’m not even happy EVERY day.  But…I AM HAPPY! I wasn’t always happy.  I’ve been sad, even depressed.  I’ve been made, even really angry.  I’ve been embarrassed, even bullied.  I’ve been broken hearted and I’ve probably broken hearts.  The fact is I’m [...]
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I am afraid

I am afraid.  Afraid I never live my full potential.  Afraid I hide from my own magnificence.  Afraid I never take the opportunity to truly express my love to all of those who matter to me.  Afraid of being vulnerable and taken advantageous of.  Afraid of not being vulnerable and missing opportunities.  Afraid of [...]
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Wasting Time Online

rat race of life
 Am I wasting time online? Is time spent on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media groups a waste of time or time well spent?  Has the computer taken the place of getting together with friends?  Is face-to-face communication, physically getting together with friends a thing of the past?   I wonder… I can write [...]
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Strong Women

As I network and coach women after 50 it never ceases to amaze me just how strong women are.  Often criticized for our lack of focus because we tend to multi-task, men just don’t ‘get it’.  We Can and DO manage home and work, family and friends, social and personal day-to-day activities.  Our organizational [...]
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Dealing With Grief – My Mom Died

I’m dealing with grief – my mom died recently.  We all have different experiences throughout life that create different beliefs and values.  Every relationship is unique and has a multitude of emotions tied to it. As I am dealing with my grief since mom died I find solace in sharing my thoughts.  Thank you [...]
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Discovering Happiness One Day At A Time

I love to play in the game of life discovering happiness one day at a time!  I made a conscious choice to let go of past drama in my life and focus on what I appreciate and it’s made such a difference as to how I play in every day.  As a woman over [...]
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What’s Life All About?