What’s Stopping Me Doing What I Want?

What’s stopping me doing what I want?  Have YOU ever considered the reason why you aren’t happy? Maybe you haven’t exactly asked yourself this question directly but if you aren’t doing what you want or seem to make excuses why you can not do what you want then what is stopping you?  My happiness, your happiness, anyone’s [...]
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Karma is the action we take doing what we intend. Karma is living life consciously. Buddhist tradition says karma is action driven by intention which leads to future consequences. The idea that karma will ‘bite you in the butt’ must come as a result of actions that led to someone needing more awareness.  Regardless, I believe that all [...]
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I’m A Baby Boomer Now What?

I recently read that demographers predict 1 in 5 Canadians will retire by 2026.  I’m a baby boomer now what?  What am I and the other 20% of Canadians going to do for our golden years?  Retire…that becomes more and more questionable every day with the cost of living increases.  Since most of us are [...]
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What to do after 50

The tires are as tall as I am.
Wow, it’s obviously been awhile since I’ve written a blog post! I rarely find a spare moment let alone wonder what to do after 50, actually after 60 now for me.  I worked 3 jobs this past summer mostly keeping busy with new adventures.  What was to be a 6 week job as a swamper [...]
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Woman over 50 finding passion

My view from job location in remote area near Monashee Park
Call me crazy but as a woman over 50 finding passion, doing different and adventurous activities keeps me inspired and ignites my spark. Not many women would work in remote areas where grizzly, black bear, moose and dear are every day concerns.  I guess we’ll see where this takes me throughout the summer so stay [...]
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Avoiding Alzheimer’s

It is my full intention to do all I can in avoiding alzheimer’s. I often joke about my own memory loss or senior moments but to be honest it’s not a joke.  My husband and I cared for my mother in our home during her last years of life and watching her mind slip away [...]
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Law of Attraction Life Lessons

Perhaps you’ve got some doubts about the law of attraction and how it could change your life. Since The Secret was released as a movie and book millions of people seemed to come ‘out of the closet’ to market their own secrets and personal stories of transformation based on law of attraction processes. Yes, there [...]
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Women connecting with like-minded women

No matter the time or distance a true friend is always there for you.
Women connecting with like-minded women is essential in these times when loneliness, feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt can feel overwhelming.  As we mature our purpose in life changes and with change we can often question our own value.  Feeling alone, lacking purpose, losing passion is NOT uncommon.  In fact, if you feel like this at [...]
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Spiritual Retreat in Spectacular Sedona, March 2015

Day One
The spiritual retreat in Sedona, March 2015 lifted off from Kelowna B.C. airport on the 4th. We had staggered flights depending on when each could get away.  I left with 2 friends around noon with a stopover in Edmonton, Alberta arriving in Phoenix, Arizona by 8 p.m. Once through customs and picking up luggage we [...]
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Woman Over 50 Having It All

Me on AMI, my peruvian mare
What would it feel like to be a woman over 50 having it all?  What does ‘ALL’ even look like?
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