Lost Your Zest For Life?

At the end of the day...
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sofortkredit hier trockner test neuer online kreditHave you lost your zest for life?  At the end of the day do you feel exhausted?  Does it feel like something is missing…your laughter, enthusiasm or spark?  Has life become too routine and predictable?  Would you like to have friends who inspire you, that you can laugh with and feel excited to be around? [...]
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Women 50+ Discovering Joy

Women 50+ Discovering Joy is my focus igniting SPARKS!  For those of you who may not have read previous posts I describe SPARK as being: Soul Awareness Purpose with Passion Appreciation Reciprocity Knowing (knowing yourself) Imagine…feel Imagine…. feeling loved…supported…accepted…appreciated…being vulnerable…being honest…trusting having like-minded friends you can talk to about what you are feeling internally not feeling criticized…condemned…blamed…or judged feeling creative…energized…enthusiastic…peaceful Allow me to boldly say “IT [...]
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Following my heart

Verde Canyon Rail
I’ve been following my heart, igniting my spark and creating life-long memories. For those who follow me on Facebook you may be aware that in February I was away for 3 weeks.  In September I planned a vacation focusing on my husbands desire to explore Arizona.  As it turned out he was unable to get [...]
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Why Women Over 50?

Bell Rock
I often get asked about the niche I’ve chosen ‘Why Women Over 50?’ and lately I’ve given considerable thought to this. I do have other niches in which I coach, a book I’ve written for single parents and I consistently network with people from all walks of live.  That said I currently find through my [...]
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This is your life

It’s a New Year, new beginning and there’s a new way of living, this is your life and it’s time to live it fully!  Instead of living by habit or default, you can choose how you want to feel, who you want to share time with, what you love to do and when or where [...]
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My New Year’s Resolutions

I focus more and achieve my goals when I share them.  There’s a sense of responsibility not to let myself down or those I tell. I tend to follow through with what I say I’ll do because I’ve put it out there.  This is why I’ve chosen to share with you what my New Year’s [...]
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Don’t Start 2014 Without This!

If I’ve learned anything at all in my 50+ years it’s the power of appreciation. Don’t start 2014 without this as it’s the number ONE key to attracting happiness every day, even when your luck seems to be at an all time low. As children we naturally use our imagination to create the stories we want [...]
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Gift of Happiness

I Love Christmas
I’m not sure if a gift of happiness brings more joy to the giver or receiver. As a woman over fifty who loves Christmas and giving all year round the gift of happiness, sharing my personal appreciation with the people who have touched my heart and soul will always be priceless.
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All I want for Christmas is…

All I want for Christmas is: My SPARK ignited to feel energetic, enthusiastic and excited. Family members and friends that laugh, love and live fully sharing from their hearts honestly, openly and authentically. Deep appreciation and gratitude expressed by everyone focusing on abundance, not lack. Compassion, not criticism. Love, not hate. Joy, not anger. Equality, not inequality. Freedom, not oppression. Peace, not war. Forgiveness, not [...]
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Grief – Losing those we love

Oh Baby I’ve come a long way!  Losing someone we love, admire and respect is not easy.  Grief is an emotion and we all process it differently.  Grief takes time to process.  I’m just so grateful I’ve discovered how to process my emotions so they flow through me more easily and I can feel them [...]
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