To Grieve or Not To Grieve

There is no right or wrong way to grieve or not to grieve.  When you lose someone or some thing you love your heart feels as though it is literally breaking. You throat might feel tight and restricted, your stomach may feel as if it was punched and every muscle in your body is tight. [...]
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When Life Gets You Down

When life gets you down what do you do?  We have all form habits to protect us emotionally.  When we feel hurt, upset, angry or afraid we create our own coping strategies.  When life gets you down you are likely dealing with your emotions subconsciously doing whatever worked best in the past.  It may work [...]
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Women Coming Together

Heart Expansion
For many, like myself the importance of women coming together sharing their thoughts to make a difference, not only in their own lives but the lives of those around them, is essential.  It is not that I don’t feel it’s important for everyone to come together and share inner thoughts and be open to listening [...]
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Home Care-Givers Need Care Too!


Home care-givers need care too but most often don’t receive it.  Care-giving is stressful, physically, mentally and emotionally. To be a care-giver is the ultimate act of love.  All too often the responsibility of care-giving for a family member falls upon the spouse. Only their love and years knowing the other persons wants or needs keep them going.  Until you live the day-to-day commitment of looking after every detail for someone who is no longer capable of doing it for themselves do you fully appreciate the dedication involved.  No matter what you are doing, where you are, awake or asleep, as a care-giver you are ‘on’ 24/7.

As a person who has been a care-giver professionally first, and then for last 10 years of my mother’s life caring for her at home I speak from my heart.  As a professional care-giver it was never my sole responsibility as I had a team to rely upon for help.  At the end of a shift I could leave and feel comforted that someone else would be there in my absence.  Caring for my mother in our home and witnessing the deterioration of her mind, body and soul was much more difficult.  Trying to be an inspiration, a spark in her day, a comfort, a thread of hope required constant awareness, love and focused attention which sometimes felt like a struggle.  While in the process of caring for my mother with alzheimer’s I could go through the whole emotional scale of feelings quickly.  One moment life felt normal and then just a cry, a bang that meant she had fallen or even an extended silence could put be on edge.  What I found the most difficult was knowing it would never get better, only worse.  To look after her daily needs day after day sometimes felt like a double-edged sword.  It was a gift to know I was helping and making life easier for her  and it is was also difficult to know I was solely responsible for her every need.

double Edged Sword


As a care-giver your body, mind and soul require love and appreciation.  Proper nutrition, uninterrupted rest, laughter, and time to do what sparks your soul is not only essential but allows you to be a better care-giver.  To ignore your own needs will wear you down physically, emotionally and spiritually.


As much as you may think you are the only one who can care for the needs of the one you love, if you don’t love yourself too you will suffer.  Since I began coaching 8 years ago I refer toAsk and It Is Given’ Learning to Manifest Your Dreams by Esther and Jerry Hicks as my guide to raise my vibration and feel better.  I have learned to ‘check-in’ with my thoughts and how I am feeling in any given moment.  I ask myself questions and have become so much more honest with what I feel instead of covering those emotions up.  I have learned to ask for help and am always surprised as to how help shows up.

I DO understand how time and money seem to get in the way of asking for help.  I GET IT that when going through the process of caring for another it feels over-whelming and exhausting.  I KNOW and feel the wave of emotions that flow in and out, and how it is difficult to ask for help when we need it the most.  I also believe that as a home care-giver you need help too.  The person you are caring for does not want to see you suffer or deteriorate.  Your health and wellness matter!  YOU MATTER!  Ask and allow it to be given.  Even if you are not sure what you want or need in the moment put the question out ‘there’ and listen.  Listen to what your body, mind and soul are wanting.  Be the care-giver of your needs and you will be a stronger, happier and better care-giver for the person you love.

I welcome your comments and although I do not publish them all I do read them.   If you have a personal email and would like a reply I am happy to do so.  I am also available for a free consultation, just submit your name and email in the area to the top right of the page.  And….remember YOU MATTER!

I am forever grateful for the years caring for my mother.  Every day I learn something new and discover how much we were alike, and yet how different.  It is the contrast that allows me to see and discover more awareness of who I choose to be.


My Mother and Aunt

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The Critic In Me

Just saying these words: ‘The Critic In Me‘ makes my heart close a little and my mind gremlins pop up! I make a conscious effort every day to not criticize others so when I have critical thoughts I immediately do not feel good.  I loathe bullies and people who think they are better than others [...]
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Law Of Attraction In Daily Life

The law of attraction in daily life is happening regardless of whether you are even aware of what law of attraction is. We don’t think about the law of gravity and the fact that we are grounded.  We don’t think about the other laws of the universe.  They just are.  The law of attraction has been [...]
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What Really Is The Law of Attraction?

What really is the law of attraction?  A question I am asked often.  The simple answer often given is “like attracts like” so what you focus on or think about you attract.  Positive thinking will attract positive results, right?   But… is this your experience?  Do you practice law of attraction, think positive thoughts consistently [...]
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Being Happier Every Day

train on tracks
In my experience it’s not about making New Year’s resolutions, setting goals or positive intentions each day that sets me up for being happier every day. It’s not knowing what I need to do, because I know what I need. I know what should be done.  It’s not faking it until I make it or [...]
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End 2015 On A Positive Note

Merry Christmas
The countdown begins with only a few days until Christmas. I am making time to end 2015 on a positive note. I am aware of just how important it is to schedule time to appreciate lessons I learned in 2015 to focus and set goals I want to achieve in the New [...]
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What’s Stopping Me Doing What I Want?

What’s stopping me doing what I want?  Have YOU ever considered the reason why you aren’t happy? Maybe you haven’t exactly asked yourself this question directly but if you aren’t doing what you want or seem to make excuses why you can not do what you want then what is stopping you?  My happiness, your happiness, anyone’s [...]
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