Women connecting with like-minded women

No matter the time or distance a true friend is always there for you.
Women connecting with like-minded women is essential in these times when loneliness, feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt can feel overwhelming.  As we mature our purpose in life changes and with change we can often question our own value.  Feeling alone, lacking purpose, losing passion is NOT uncommon.  In fact, if you feel like this at [...]
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Spiritual Retreat in Spectacular Sedona, March 2015

Day One
The spiritual retreat in Sedona, March 2015 lifted off from Kelowna B.C. airport on the 4th. We had staggered flights depending on when each could get away.  I left with 2 friends around noon with a stopover in Edmonton, Alberta arriving in Phoenix, Arizona by 8 p.m. Once through customs and picking up luggage we [...]
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Woman Over 50 Having It All

Me on AMI, my peruvian mare
What would it feel like to be a woman over 50 having it all?  What does ‘ALL’ even look like?
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I Am Most Grateful For

Christmas is a very special time for me. It is a time to focus on family, friends and to celebrate what I am most grateful for. I take the month of December to reflect on my challenges and successes I faced throughout the previous year. Once completed I can focus on my goals for the [...]
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Close-Up Talk Radio Interview

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Close-up Talk Radio, also known as Blog Talk Radio. This was a first for me so I was a little nervous, but when I talk about my passion, that being coaching and connecting with like-minded women who I can inspire, motivate and support to live hot-healthy-happy [...]
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Quick I need help!

When do you ask for help?  If you are like most of the world you say “quick I need help” the moment you’re really stuck and needing instant gratification.  Help is available for almost any problem in life.  It’s knowing who to ask, what to ask for and when.
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I Am Who I Am

I am who I am and I am finely feeling comfortable with who I am.  Not as easy at it sounds!  I grew up with parents who felt criticism toughened you up in a world of hard knocks.  They believed compliments make us egotistic or self-centred therefor appreciation for a job well done was rarely [...]
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In The Vortex

Pink rose
As I was getting ‘In The Vortex’ this morning listening to a meditation and I felt such a rush of gratitude flow through me.  I have recently been reading Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’ and feel so aligned with his message.  I am not typically interested in the science behind [...]
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I Am Happy

I am happy!  Maybe I’m not happy ALL the time.  Maybe I’m not even happy EVERY day.  But…I AM HAPPY! I wasn’t always happy.  I’ve been sad, even depressed.  I’ve been made, even really angry.  I’ve been embarrassed, even bullied.  I’ve been broken hearted and I’ve probably broken hearts.  The fact is I’m human! I [...]
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I am afraid

I am afraid.  Afraid I never live my full potential.  Afraid I hide from my own magnificence.  Afraid I never take the opportunity to truly express my love to all of those who matter to me.  Afraid of being vulnerable and taken advantageous of.  Afraid of not being vulnerable and missing opportunities.  Afraid of baring [...]
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