I am afraid

sexcam I am afraid.  Afraid I never live my full potential.  Afraid I hide from my own magnificence.  Afraid I never take the opportunity to truly express my love to all of those who matter to me.  Afraid of being vulnerable and taken advantageous of.  Afraid of not being vulnerable and missing opportunities.  Afraid of [...]
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Am I wasting my time online?

rat race of life
Really! Am I wasting my time online? Is the time spent on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media groups + my time writing on blog sites a waste of time?  Has online presence taken the place of getting together with friends?  Has face-to-face communication become obsolete?  I wonder… I can write hundreds of [...]
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Strong Women

As I network and coach women after 50 it never ceases to amaze me just how strong women are.  Often criticized for our lack of focus because we tend to multi-task, men just don’t ‘get it’.  We Can and DO manage home and work, family and friends, social and personal day-to-day activities.  Our organizational [...]
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Dealing With Grief – Mom Died

I’m dealing with grief – mom died.  We all have different experiences throughout life that create different beliefs and values.  Every relationship is unique and has a multitude of emotions tied to it. As I am dealing with my grief since mom died I find solace in sharing my thoughts.  Thank you for listening. Grief [...]
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Discovering Happiness One Day At A Time

I love to play in the game of life discovering happiness one day at a time!  I made a conscious choice to let go of past drama in my life and focus on what I appreciate and it’s made such a difference as to how I play in every day.  As a woman over [...]
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What’s Life All About?


Lost Your Zest For Life?

At the end of the day...
Have you lost your zest for life?  At the end of the day do you feel exhausted?  Does it feel like something is missing…your laughter, enthusiasm or spark?  Has life become too routine and predictable?  Would you like to have friends who inspire you, that you can laugh with and feel excited to be [...]
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Women 50+ Discovering Joy

Women 50+ Discovering Joy is my focus igniting SPARKS!  For those of you who may not have read previous posts I describe SPARK as being: Soul Awareness Purpose with Passion Appreciation Reciprocity Knowing (knowing yourself) Imagine…feel Imagine…. feeling loved…supported…accepted…appreciated…being vulnerable…being honest…trusting having like-minded friends you can talk to about what you are feeling internally not feeling criticized…condemned…blamed…or judged feeling creative…energized…enthusiastic…peaceful Allow me to boldly say [...]
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Following my heart

Verde Canyon Rail
I’ve been following my heart, igniting my spark and creating life-long memories. For those who follow me on Facebook you may be aware that in February I was away for 3 weeks.  In September I planned a vacation focusing on my husbands desire to explore Arizona.  As it turned out he was unable to [...]
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Why Women Over 50?

Bell Rock
I often get asked about the niche I’ve chosen ‘Why Women Over 50?’ and lately I’ve given considerable thought to this. I do have other niches in which I coach, a book I’ve written for single parents and I consistently network with people from all walks of live.  That said I currently find through [...]
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